Friday 24 February 2012

this is a chickadee house I built a few years ago and several chicks have hatched from this house. I had to however put an extra guard to the entrance to prevent house cats from reaching in and taking chicks. Domestic cats are a real problem to native wildlife and pet owners should always keep cats indoors.

Thursday 23 February 2012

Boreal Swamp

In the past , swamps and any land not suitable for human use was automatically titled as "garbage land". These lands were quickly drained of water and all its biodiversity. Now in 2012 we understand the need of these lands as filters of our drinking water, flood control, and a nursery for all types of animals, however we are as greedy and destructive as ever and too much of this land is still being destroyed. We must save and restore these habitats now!

wood duck house 2012

This is a wood duck house I built and installed at a marsh. Wood ducks were almost extinct  around 1900 but have since made a recovery due in a large part to artificial nest boxes. I will be building more of these and for other species as well. I am also growing native trees from seed and cleaning local ponds. please go to my facebook page @